10 INCH Ceiling-mounted flip-down multimedia player with an HD 1080p 19.5-inch LCD screen

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Car smart roof – suction TV rear – row entertainment

Special for Aligeny and Odyssey, it is suitable for a new gentleman. The new high quality 15.6 inch Android top suction large screen, and you can enjoy superior texture. High special car, improve the car interior taste; Business reception, display the corporate brand image; Bear children naughty, to prevent the influence of the driver’s attention; Long – distance bus, drive away boring, depressing atmosphere.

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The 15.6-inch IPS screen, 1920X1080 resolution, 4K HD picture quality is vivid and realistic, creating a movie-watching effect like a theater. With adjustable Angle, you can freely control the screen no matter looking sideways, lying back, or far or near, and choose the program you want to watch at any time. Equipped with remote control equipment, you can freely control the screen, at any time to choose the program you want to watch.

16 kinds of controllable atmosphere light colors, according to your personal preference to control the selection of the atmosphere light, constantly controllable change of the atmosphere light, to bring your car different driving life experience. Android business travel suction top large screen, improve the car interior luxury.


15.6 Inch Android Top Suction Display

1. COTEX A53 64-bit Quad Core High Performance CPU 1.3~ 1.7GHz

2. Android 6.0 supports touch buttons

3. RAM:DDR4-2400/EMMC+8G storage, built-in 2.4GWIFI wireless Internet

4. Full HD multimedia decoding, multimedia decoding and support lossless music playback

5. Support USB2.0, high-speed TF card, maximum capacity 128GB

6. Support 1 HDMI HD input, 1 video input, 1 audio output

7. Built-in high-quality image processing engine to improve image quality

8. Add dynamic frequency modulation technology to ensure stable operation of CPU

9. Support Android and Apple mobile phone wireless screen transfer

10. 15.6 inch 1920*1080 16:9 HD display

11. Support Bluetooth headset, support full frequency FM stereo audio transmission, and the transmission power is adjustable

12. Support e-book reading and picture browsing

13. Adjustable three-color atmosphere light (blue, ice blue, warm white)




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