11.6 INCH Bus overhead Roof screen monitor video entertainment system tv monitor

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15 inch 1080P FHD lcd roof mount car tv monitor Android System car roof monitor with USB/SD input.

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The XO Vision GX2155 9 Flip-Down Multimedia Player with USB/SD Controls is the perfect companion for car rides and road trips - both short and long. The overhead TFT LCD multimedia player easily hooks up to your car to provide entertainment for the whole family. With a built-in transmitter and dome lights, this player upgrades your car to the next level. Magnificent and classy ambient interior lighting 16 colors for choice. New and integrated design, suitable for multiple car models. Concise buttons remote control very easy to select what you want. It converts your space movement in the air into an accurate displacement on the screen. It will provide you with the smooth navigation and perfect control for all you needs! Level your whole in car entertainment with easy installation. Make every minute count during your journey. Included in the box- 9 Flip-Down Player, Remote Control, Cable, Warranty Card, User Manual.


Products Feature

* Overhead TFT LCD Multimedia Player

* USB SD Control

* Built-in Transmitter

* Built-in Dome Lights

* Android System with Octa-Core CPU

* Built-in WiFi

* HDR10+ / 8K Video

* All New UI that Inspired Artistically

* Superior Sound

* Multiple Formats

* Various Connectivity

* An Unprecedented Viewing Experience

* The Intelligence behind the Unprecedented Experience

* Built-in WiFi Module, Faster Transmission Speed

* 3G / 4G Internet Sharing

* More Onscreen Content, Higher Clarity--HDR10+ Technology, Support 8K Video, 180°Viewing Angle

* Virtual Touch Buttons

* Built-in High Power Speakers, Superior Sound Everywhere

* Near-Limitless Audio and Video Pleasure

* Versatile Connectivity for All Your Devices

* Screen Mirroring

* HDMI Input

* Bluetooth 5.0

* More Interfaces and Extension Features, including HDMI, USB, AV IN and FM / IR

* Aesthetic, Comfortable and Safe Design in the Details

* Colorful Aura lighting, Automatic Lighting Control



To ensure the stability of the system, the laser head, lens, motor, and amplifier lens are famous brand like Sony, Panasonic, HITACHI; LCD display: original LCD with no spot or dead pixels; Fluid dispensing: To ensure the FPC are well connected.Quality inspections: semi-finished product test, before burn-in, after born-in, QC, QA, factory inspection.Tests: shock, high temperature, low temperature, falling down etc.



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