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    High quality at an affordable price.

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    Wide Application

    Car DVD player, special car DVD player, car GPS, car headrest monitor with/without DVD player.

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    Built-in high-quality image processing engine to improve image quality.

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    Good sound quality

    Stereo speakers provide theater-quality sound.


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  • Over 13 years of experience

    Established in 2008, our company has grown into a successful global business corporation with headquarters located in Guangzhou and offices in Chengdu China...

  • First-rate service

    we are able to successfully meet the needs of international markets through competitive prices, quality, reliability, on-time delivery and the highest standards of services.

  • High reputation

    We are dedicated to high levels of sourcing ethics, with suppliers that we have cooperated with for years, which are trustworthy relying on high quality and strong production abilities.


  • 2021 Mercedes-Benz V260L new suction top TV

    21 Mercedes-Benz V260L comes with air suspension, which greatly improves the comfort of the car, and the transmission is upgraded to a nine-speed manual. 2021 Mercedes-Benz V260L high top models, the interior are modified, and their styles are varied and different. Today I recommend a high-top V2...

  • Back row entertainment, car space in the world

    1. Rear side window for entertainment  If side window glass is an interactive display, can use as sketchboard not only, and download the software of all sorts of entertainment.  For children, they can write, draw and study through the side Windows, and the mobile learning machine and encyclopedia...

  • Car monitor pay attention to the maintenance of the body

    1. Pay attention to the maintenance of environmental factors. The use of advertising machine environment will directly affect the use of advertising machine effect and life, if the light is too bright, or even direct light, on the one hand affect the visual communication of advertising machine, o...

  • How does the car display heat down?

    1, fan heat dissipation, lamp shell with longevity fan to strengthen heat dissipation 2, the use of aluminum fins, which is a common way of heat dissipation, with aluminum fins as part of the shell to increase the heat dissipation area. 3. Air hydrodynamics, using the shape of the lamp shell, pro...

  • Several points should be paid attention to when using the vehicle display

    1, the contact screen part is glass products, glass edges and corners are relatively sharp, the installation needs to take gloves/finger gloves operation 2. The part of the contact screen is fragile glass. Do not exert strong impact on the contact screen when installing. 3, the contact screen fil...

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